Bob Healy

Bob has been in marketing research and statistics for over 15 years.  He spent much of his career in the US working for clients in the food (McDonalds', Kellogg’s, Heinz), technology (Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Compaq, 3Com), and pharma (Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca) sectors.  Bob's focus is quantitative research, and he is experienced in a range of statistical techniques such as conjoint, cluster, decision-tree and regression analysis.  Prior to Franklin he worked at Insight Statistical Consulting (Dublin), MRSI (Cincinnati) and Answers Research (San Diego).  He is an experienced user of SPSS, and has B.Comm and Master of Business Studies (MBS) degrees from UCD.  


Kasia Kozien

Kasia manages the data collection function at Franklin, overseeing CATI programming, interviewer supervision and quality control.  Prior to joining Franklin, Kasia worked at TNSmrbi (Dublin) and Martec (Germany). She has a masters degree in Sociology from Jagiellonian University, graduating with first class honours.


Owen O'Reilly

Owen is a director at Franklin, with over 15 years management consulting experience.  He is an experienced moderator and also lectures in a range of business subjects in Dublin Business School and BPP.  Owen ensures that our findings incorporate the latest thinking from developments in services marketing, business strategy and change management.

Owen has a BA from UCD and an MBS from Smurfit Business School.


Virginia Rodriguez Barcelone

Virginia has a M.Sc. in Statistics from UCD, graduating with first class honours.  She is an experienced user of SPSS, with particular skillsets in multivariate analysis and data mining.